Healing and Letting the Light In with G.M Crook

It is not easy to write about healing when you’re going through the same thing, yet American poet G.M Crook makes the process seem effortless through her transcendent yet earth-bound poetry book “Innerlight’s: Eat and Drink My Words.” As the book title suggests, the poems in Grace’s collection cut across the darkness trapped between the fleeting moments of loss and acceptance, leaving light for the wounded hearts that long for healing.

A great piece of art can enlarge the mind of the excellent reader, and “Innerlight” certainly qualifies in this regard. Grace Maier-Crook’s work comes straight from her heart, reflecting her true self and the words that her soul long to speak. She writes poetry that is both formal and emotionally intense. Her collection portrays a kaleidoscope of emotions, including joy and sorrow. Her words become personal and invaluable by getting in touch with such topics. Her verses become gifts – there for the taking. As such, they will stay with her readers for the rest of their lives.

The Grace of Escaping Grief

Readers often wonder where the idea for their favorite book came from. Most writers draw inspiration from their personal experiences, imagination, or dreams. Grace’s personal journey in life serves as the foremost muse of her poetry collection. Inspired by her own story of love, and subsequent bereavement, Grace writes emotionally, often resulting in poems that bring a tear to the eye.

For Grace, putting her poems out for the rest of the world to read means getting out of her comfort zone. She decided to put out her poetry to the world to answer her husband’s dying wish. On his deathbed, Ed, her husband of 36 years, encouraged her to get her poems published. The result of Grace’s bravery is “Innerlight’s: Eat and Drink My Words,” a well-curated collection of seventy-plus poems that tell the basal emotions and needs that anyone who has lost someone has to go through daily. The book teaches its readers that grief is not the end but the beginning of a new life. Having gone through the process of loss herself, Grace underlines such a notion. She understands that people find it difficult to accept the scenario or situation they unavoidably or freely choose to be in.

“Innerlight’s” empower its readers with their ability to let go of their pain or learn to live with it. It banks on the idea that something beautiful can bloom from the abyss of dealing with death. Grace’s poetry collection is not only relatable but also healing. The book builds emotions, breaks them apart, and leaves its readers with timeless wisdom they will cherish forever.

The book’s poetry mirrors Grace’s therapeutic process of coming to terms with the death of her husband. The poems “Life Without You,” “Raindrops,” “Mourning After,” “Tribute to my Husband,” and “Tragedy and Love” are only a few of hers that express her deep-rooted anguish.

Love is a Flower; Forgiveness is its Seed

It can be challenging to overcome challenges like trauma from an abusive relationship. Few people are capable of making that journey by themselves. They often require assistance along the route, even to take the first step toward atonement. The dread of shame and criticism that come with being an abuse victim extends beyond simply finding the confidence to speak up and begin discussing a traumatic experience. Forgiving those who have hurt them is another story.

Pain and suffering are among the universal emotions reflected in Grace’s words. Her book describes how she overcame demons in her life. Amid the hurt and the pain, Grace can translate a sheer sense of vulnerability and empathy through her poems. Her book explores the lighter side of love as it dares its readers to navigate the tricky road of loss and forgiveness. 

“Innerlight’s: Eat and Drink My Words” proves that love can sprout and bloom with a forgiving heart. Let the poems of G.M Crook heal you and pry open your heart so you can get a deeper understanding of it. The words embedded in G.M Crook’s book might mean something to someone someday.

Allow her light enter the dark chambers of your heart, and learn more about her works by visiting her website:  https://www.gmcrook.com/

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