We all know that it is tough losing someone who is very dear to you, and it can give you a heartbreak that you will never forget. Accepting the fact that they are gone is tough progress, and it seems that it is impossible for sadness to go away.

Though your loved ones are gone, it does not mean that they are completely absent in your life. Their mementos and memories will forever be with you, and you can share them with the world as a symbol of honor for them. Honoring your loved one’s memory is always up to you, but some of the best ways to do so are listed below.

You can read “Innerlight’s: Eat and Drink My Words” by G.M. Crook to further learn about how honoring the death of a loved one is the best way to cope with grief.

Donate to Charity

If your beloved one was a supporter of a specific cause, you might send a donation in their honor to ensure that the causes they care about are supported. If money is a problem, consider if you can contribute your time instead of money. Volunteering for a cause that your loved one cares deeply about will help you become closer to them.

Take Part in Their Favorite Activities

Even if the individual is gone, participating in their favorite hobbies may tell a great deal about them. Make their favorite dishes, watch their favorite TV series and movies, read their personal favorites, or listen to their favorite records on the stereo.

These small details might help you have a better understanding of who your loved one is and really make you feel better connected to them.

Make or Grant a Scholarship

If you have the funds, you can create a grant or scholarship which focuses on a subject that was important to your loved one. Investing in education helps to pass on more than simply the abilities that were essential to your beloved one.

They also shared their enthusiasm with someone who would not otherwise have had the opportunity to master this talent.

Make a Monument

Memorials can take numerous forms, from a modest plaque on a bench to a bouquet of their favorite blossoms in a nearby garden. You may even plant a tree in a memorial forest that is protected. When someone stops to appreciate the scenery, they’ll see the monument or tribute with your loved one’s name on it and, for a few moments, wonder who that person was.

Keep a Piece of Theirs Nearby

Keeping a piece of clothing, jewelry, or something related might help you feel connected to someone that has died recently. You can preserve these items in their original condition, but you can also transform them into something you can carry or use more frequently. For instance, you can make a blanket out of a flannel shirt or a necklace out of a ring.

Finish Whatever Unfinished Work They Have

We can never expect someone to pass away; even in some cases, though we are informed that our loved one will soon be gone, we cannot tell what day it is going to happen. This will result in things being sometimes left incomplete. This may be a piece of furniture they’re refurbishing, a picture they’re working on, or a song they’re writing.

You may be tempted to abandon these initiatives, but think about completing them. You have the option of hiring someone to perform the task or doing it yourself and finishing their unfinished work for them. They began the assignment, but you completed it; in this manner, you collaborated on it.

Organize a Memorial Service for Them

You may recall loved ones together with other people if you have shared affection. You might begin by creating a memorial website or a Facebook account where relatives, friends, and colleagues can contribute memories of your loved one.

You might also set aside a day each year to commemorate the person who has passed away with the same individuals. Toast them in their favorite restaurant, or plan a trek with a minute of quiet in one of their favorite locations.

Light Up a Candle

Lastly, you can purchase or create a candle that they would appreciate and light it on significant occasions to remember them. Consider them each moment you ignite the candle or, if you’re prompted, say a prayer.

In Conclusion

It is when we lose someone dear to us that we feel so broken and think that there is nothing we can do to make us feel okay again. But as you’ve seen in the list above, honoring them in many ways can make us feel that they are still with us again. We cannot take away the pain and sorrow that we will feel over and over again, but we can do many things to make ourselves better for our loved ones that passed away. To know and relate more about this topic, you can read G.M. Crook’s “Innerlight’s: Eat and Drink My Words.”

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