Losing someone you love is painful. You might face grief over your loss for many years. Your emotional reaction to loss is grief. It’s common to experience many emotions during a mourning process, including sadness, regret, and anger. Someone overcoming obstacles like trauma from an abusive relationship can manifest similar feelings.

Few people can travel the path of healing by themselves. As such, therapeutic activities such as dabbling in poetry become beneficial in any sense. Poetry can comfort and boost mood during stress, trauma, and grief. It also acts as a form of meditation that anyone can use as a salve to soothe a broken soul.

Writing poetry allows anyone to tap into their authentic voices, which can lead to self-realization. It stimulates the brain and enables the poet to build a museum of empathy filled with works that invite new beginnings, which American writer Grace Maier Crook did.

Knowing Grace

Grace Maier-Crook, a Wisconsin native, has worked as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) for the last ten years. She currently lives in south-central Wisconsin and has happily married Ed for 36 years. The couple is fortunate to have two supportive sons. Her writing career underwent a sea change in 2018 after losing her loving husband, inspiring her to share her voice with the world soon. He encouraged her to “become published” before he passed away. Writing poems made Grace feel better and more resilient. It helped her realize that her Ed is now in heaven, blessed with eternal peace.

Seeking Solace with Poems

After her beloved husband’s death, G.M Crook picked up the pieces of her writing prowess and began writing more poems to cope with grief. She has now compiled a book of poetry entitled “Innerlight’s: Eat and Drink My Words.” On the 29th of August this year, The New York Times Magazine featured the collection. Drawing from her journey, Grace writes poems marked by a distinct sense of fortitude. Her book invites a sense of certainty and soundness, like the inverse of a chaotic place.

The book rests on the notion that anything lovely, like a delicate spring flower, can grow from the darkness. In addition to being relatable, Grace’s poetry book is also therapeutic. “Innerlight’s” builds up emotions, then shatters them, leaving nuggets of wisdom to its readers.

Grace’s inspirational, lyrical, and invaluable words embody a hope that a new rhythm of life would emerge out of personal toils. In all, she composed seventy-plus poems covering a plethora of subjects. Through her works, Grace hopes to provide her readers with lessons that will enlighten their lives and the world around them. Among the poems in “Innerlight’s” that reflect Grace’s longing are “Life Without You,” “Raindrops,” “Mourning After,” “Tribute to my Husband,” and “Tragedy and Love.”

Beyond Metaphors

Poetry can move its creator and readers as it invents new colors from unremarkable moments. For G.M Crook, art helped her defeat her demons. It filled her heart with an incredible power to heal and reimagine a fulfilling life beyond grief. Writing her poems helped her embrace forgiveness as part of life. The poems in the book reflect Grace’s cathartic journey in coming to terms with her unpleasant experiences.

Beyond metaphors and between stanzas, poetry is a gift; its beauty is evergreen. “Innerlight’s: Eat and Drink My Words” does not quickly overturn loss with poetic words alone. Still, it delivers its readers a formidable message that any soul can start creating small pockets of smiles. These little ripples may become part of a more extraordinary wave of happiness. Sometimes, the path toward healing is imperfect, broken, and seething with disappointments. However, like God’s love, light always finds its way to anyone’s heart.

Learn more about G.M Crook by visiting her website:  https://www.gmcrook.com/

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