Writers are blessed with various gifts that contribute mainly to the broader community. With their command of language and creativity, they can breathe life into imaginary characters, convey relevant information, and inspire others. It’s no wonder why many turn to books to seek comfort and encouragement, especially when life hits hard.

American author G.M Crook does her part through her plethora of works. From her poetry to her short stories and novels, Grace constantly offers readers a series of insightful reflections that will illuminate their lives and the world around them.

The Grace of Art and Writing

Raised in Wisconsin, Grace Maier-Crook has been a certified nursing assistant (CNA) for the past ten years. Grace currently lives in south-central Wisconsin with her beloved cat, Sheldon. She is happily married to Ed, her husband of 36 years. The couple is blessed with two wonderful sons. The death of her beloved husband in 2018 was a turning point in her writing career as it prompted her to take writing more seriously. Before he died, he encouraged her to ‘get published.’

Now retired from her nursing profession, Grace wholeheartedly treads a writer’s life. Over the years, Grace has produced many poems, short tales, children’s books, and romantic novels. Grace credits her family for their tireless support of her creative endeavors.

Besides her deep-rooted love for writing, Grace has wanted to be an artist since she was younger. Grace uses various mediums and materials to express her artistic prowess. It allows her to create stunning and memorable pieces of artwork.

Gracious as she ever was, Grace is an enthusiastic member of writing.com, a community composed of a diverse group of creatives. The platform allows her to share her positive notes in life while also helping her improve her writing skills.

Poetry: Echo of the Heart

Grace considers poetry a release of endorphins, either a welling desire to express her fiery emotions or to let the whole world hear the happiness in her heart. She loves to write in freestyle, allowing her to reveal herself in different dimensions. When it comes to writing poetry, Grace identifies the use of repetition as its more critical aspect.

The poetry of Grace echoes the contents of her heart. As such, writing poems is relatively easy for her. Meanwhile, she finds writing children’s stories more challenging because of the need to register for a specific age group.

Among her poems, “My Journey Alone” is Grace’s favorite. It talks about her experience being a new widow. The process of writing the poetry helped Grace feel better and stronger. It made her accept her husband’s death as God will come for him.

Empowering Souls Through Words

Titled “Innerlight’s: Eat and Drink My Words,” the intimate and heartfelt book reflects Grace’s life experiences. The book, written with raw, unflinching honesty, explores many subjects readers can easily relate to. The poems embedded in the book mirror Grace’s cathartic journey as she copes with her husband’s loss. Some of her poems that reflect the overflow of her grief are “Life Without You,” “Raindrops,” “Mourning After,” “Tribute to my Husband,” and “Tragedy and Love.”

Grace’s verses also cover how she conquered demons in her life. Grace’s emotional and lyrical words trembles with empathy as it tackles human conditions, including child abuse and alcoholism. As Grace survived a lifetime of verbal abuse and physical trauma, writing has been instrumental for Grace to come full circle, embrace God, and forgive those who have hurt her.

Poetry has the power to reach, heal, and empower hungry hearts and thirsty souls. Anyone who needs such force would benefit from her book. For others to find solace and a deeper understanding of themselves, Grace hopes her poems will serve as an inspiration.

Let Grace Crook’s words cast light upon your day, and learn more about her works by visiting her website: https://www.gmcrook.com/ 

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