Eat and Drink My Words

This book is a collection of poetry that reflects the author’s life story of how she overcame her demons, the adversities that followed, and how she managed to live a happy life despite everything she’d been through.

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about the author

Grace Maier-Crook lives with her beloved cat in south-central Wisconsin. She was married to her late husband, Ed for 36 years, and was his care provider for the two years preceding his untimely passing in 2018. She is the proud mother of two successful adult sons. Over the years, her husband Ed and her sons have always been incredibly supportive to her in her creative writing endeavors, such as poems, short stories, a children’s book, and a romance novel.


Defeating Darkness with Words   

Defeating Darkness with Words   

Losing someone you love is painful. You might face grief over your loss for many years. Your emotional reaction to loss is grief. It's common to experience many emotions during a mourning process, including sadness, regret, and anger. Someone overcoming obstacles like...

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